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The Band

Formed in 2010, Counterfeit Hit have developed a reputation as one of Oxfordshire's best live party acts, booking up on gigs every year simply by recommendation and word of mouth. In 2019, the band still features founding members, Chrissie and Andy Dreier on Drums and Lead Guitar, with Gordo Francis and Greg Hooper on Lead Vocals and Bass Guitar, whilst Tom Peters regularly fills in on drums as well. Their act has been refined through hundreds of gigs and continues to develop as new songs and new requests come to the fore. Thriving on the thrill of live performance Counterfeit Hit's energetic playing, bold stage presence and audience interaction are sure to get a party started!


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Gordo Francis - Vocals/Guitar

Gordo Francis is a full time musician, music teacher and producer. His versatile and engaging lead vocal and approachable charisma make him the ideal front man for the band, totally at ease when engaging with the audience and getting people moving (+ he is a highly proficient guitarist!). Gordo has performed in the O2 Arena, released self produced albums, and toured the UK as part of The Lost Art

Andy Dreier - Guitar/Vocals

Andy started his life as a performer touring the UK as Lead Guitarist in signed act, Coma Kai. Since then he has found a love for bringing to life all the best guitar parts from hits spanning the decades and is in many ways the driving energy behind Counterfeit Hit. He usually rolls up to gigs with a fine collection of Les Paul guitars and foot pedals and when required can lay down an awesome guitar solo, keeping track with the greatest guitarists of all time!


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Counterfeit Hit NEW Logo FINAL (non-dapp
Counterfeit Hit NEW Logo FINAL (non-dapp

Greg Hooper - Bass/Vocals

Greg is a full time Musician, Producer/Composer and Orchestrator with experience ranging from arranging scores for Disney, to touring the UK with Gordo in The Lost Art, to producing songs to accompany children's literature. A solid and broadly skilled musician holding down the bottom end of the act to keep the funk aline. You can find out more about Greg on his website -

Chrissie Dreier/Tom Peters - Drums

Chrissie is *THE* founding member of Counterfeit Hit, kicking the whole party off with her dynamic and fluid drumming. She has provided a stable backline for many bands, often with her husband, Andy, in tow as well. Tom Peters is a full time musician and drum tutor with a BA in Music. He's solid as a rock and lays down a groove like a pro.

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Counterfeit Hit NEW Logo FINAL (non-dapp
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